Our mission is to stop the inhumane treatment of prisoners within the California Penal System, especially those held in solitary confinement, by providing information to the public about the present existing conditions within the system. This includes supporting the prisoners and their families in the prisoners’ endeavors to obtain better treatment for themselves.

Long-Term Goal: End the use of Solitary Confinement

Short-Term Goal: Implementation of the Five Core Demands put forth by Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers in 2011 & 2013

End Group Punishment & Administrative Abuse – This is in response to PBSP’s application of “group punishment” as a means to address individual inmates rule violations. This includes the administration’s abusive, pretextual use of “safety and concern” to justify what are unnecessary punitive acts. This policy has been applied in the context of justifying indefinite SHU status, and progressively restricting our programming and privileges.

  1. Abolish the Debriefing Policy, and Modify Active/Inactive Gang Status Criteria.
  2. Comply with the US Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons 2006 Recommendations Regarding an End to Long-Term Solitary Confinement – CDCR shall implement the findings and recommendations of the US commission on safety and abuse in America’s prisons final 2006 report regarding CDCR SHU facilities.
  3.  Provide Adequate and Nutritious Food – cease the practice of denying adequate food, and provide a wholesome nutritional meals including special diet meals, and allow inmates to purchase additional vitamin supplements.
  4. Expand and Provide Constructive Programming and Privileges for Indefinite SHU Status Inmates.

Agreement to End Hostilities: Representatives of the CA Hunger Strike issued a statement on August 12, 2012 calling for an end to all violence and hostility between different groups of prisoners throughout the state of CA from maximum security prisons to county jails. The statement asks prisoners to unite beginning October 10th, 2012. (attached is a copy in English and Spanish).

Prisoner Hunger Striker Demands: